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About Us

Maria Madalena da Rocha Azevedo & Filhos, Lda, MMRA is a Portuguese company specialized in the development of knitwear on circular looms.

Located in the Vale do Ave region, one of the main hubs of the Portuguese textile sector, we are currently a reference in this segment.

With more than 50 years of history, the company starts its activity in the manufacture of clothing with the name Confecções Pombal. In 1983, with only one loom, it redirected its business and specialized in the production of knitwear for national and international clients.

M.M.R.A. has had the status of PME Líder (SME Leader), a seal of reputation created by IAPMEI to distinguish the merit of national SMEs with superior performance. It is awarded in partnership with several partner entities and banks.”

What we do
Our competencies We focus our business on the production and commercialization of knitwear in circular looms and have more than 50 years of experience in the textile sector, with highly specialized human resources and equipment that guarantee an effective and quality response capacity.
Mission / Vision / Values


We produce and commercialize knitwear, on circular machines. We prioritize customer and employee satisfaction through a quality policy of our products and services and a motivated, professional, and cohesive team.


We want our knitwear to provide comfort in a sustainable and certified way, privileging what is Portuguese, reliable and of quality.


Customer focus – we put our customers’ satisfaction first by responding to their needs and challenges in a constant and qualified manner.

Employee satisfaction – We care about our team, we promote the well-being and motivation of its members, respecting them as the human beings they are and of fundamental importance to our existence.

100% Portuguese knowledge – We have a strong presence in international markets, but we own Portuguese development and production. We work with national suppliers and value local partners.

Reliability and Ecology – We have confidence in our textiles, which is why we are certified in several areas. Our knitwear is subjected to substance-independent testing and presents no health risk. We may use organic cotton and we favor ecological, recycled and sustainable material that promotes the circular economy. We believe in a cleaner, greener, healthier world and do what we can to contribute to it.

Irreverence and Dynamism – We are in constant change and movement, we seek to keep abreast of material innovation and respond energetically and creatively to the needs of the markets and our customers, following trends and finding solutions.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Our action is based on:

  • To respect the principles of legality and good faith, integrity, accountability and transparency, professionalism, and confidentiality.
  • Respecting the principles of non-discrimination and fighting harassment at work.
  • In the rejection of discriminatory behavior toward others based on suspect categories such as race or ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental disability or handicap, political opinion, ideology, religion or belief.
  • In the fulfillment with zeal, efficiency, professionalism, and responsibility of the duties entrusted to us.
  • In the contribution to sustainable development in terms of the economic, environmental and social impact of the activity developed.
  • In the refusal of child labor or forced labor in the form of slavery. We promote respect for human rights, labor and freedom of association, and active participation in social and cultural initiatives.


The Global Organic Textile Standard (Gots) defines the globally recognized requirements for organic textiles – from the harvesting of raw materials to labeling. It is a quality seal that certifies the sustainability of our organic products, namely the respect for ecological and social criteria throughout the production process. It is certified and controlled by accredited and independent entities.

Maria Madalena da Rocha Azevedo & Filhos Lda It is a GRS certified company. Only products that are covered by a valid Transaction Certificate are GRS certified

Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international standard, which applies to products certified as recycled material. It covers requirements concerning processes, environmental and social responsibilities, and chemical restrictions. This standard defines necessary conditions regarding working conditions, product characteristics, and environmental impact.

Maria Madalena da Rocha Azevedo & Filhos Lda
Is an OCS certified company.
Only products that are covered by a valid Transaction Certificate are OCS certified.

Organic Content Standard (OCS) is approved on products that contain at least 95% certified organic material. This evaluation is performed by an accredited certification body. It accurately analyzes whether the end product contains the amount of an organically grown material.


Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex ® is one of the best known and most widely used certifications for textile products and refers to the absence of harmful substances. This label signifies product safety, because all its components have been tested, are reliable and harmless to human health.
Social and Environmental Responsibility

Maria Madalena da Rocha Azevedo & Filhos, Lda. is an environmentally friendly company.

It is certified in waste management and, as such, delivers the waste to a qualified and competent entity – Safty Clean.
Likewise, it contributes to the protection of the environment by adhering to the integrated management system for used oils – Ecolub.

In addition, it is concerned with a healthy social environment and, for this, promotes the well-being of its employees in its multiple aspects. This concern is also visible in the active participation in solidarity actions in the community.