Maria Madalena da Rocha Azevedo e Filhos, also known as MMRA

is a company specialized in the knitting area (clothing for underwear and outerwear, as well as for other sectors of activity) developed in circular looms. Located in the Vale do Ave region, one of the main points of concentration of the Portuguese textile sector, MMRA is currently one of the major references in the segment.

With more than 50 years of history, the company started its activity in the manufacturing of clothes (Confeções Pombal). In 1983, with only one loom, it redirects its business and specialises in the production of knits for national and international clients.

The company is currently managed by the second and third generations of the family, which ensures a vast knowledge paired with irreverence and dynamism.


1960 – Establishment of Confeções Pombal

1983 – Establishment of MMRA, company based on the former Confeções Pombal, with only three circular looms. The second generation of the family starts cooperating in the management of the business.

1987 – The company moves to new facilities in Pombal in order to allow the company to respond to its growth.

1995 – New change of facilities (5700 m2 covered area) to where it currently holds its head office. This year a huge investment was made in machinery.

1998 – Separation of two areas of the business, with the establishment of the Only You Company that deals exclusively with the manufacturing activities.

2007 – MMRA starts operating within the automotive sector.

2013 – The second generation of the family starts cooperating in the everyday management of the business.

About us

MMRA focuses its business on the production and trade of knits for multiples uses and purposes.

We have highly specialised Human resources as well as equipment that guarantee our ability to answer the challenges posed daily by our clients and partners with quality.

About the company

  • 35 circular looms that allow us to achieve 250 tons/month
  • Continuous operation – 24 hours (3 shifts)
  • Covered area: 5700m2
  • No. of workers: 22
  • Permanent stock between 500/600 tons of raw material

Why work with us?

  • Quality Control
  • Fast response and production capacity
  • Meet the delivery deadlines
  • 100% Portuguese development and production
  • More than 50 years of experience
  • Vast/Wide knowledge within the textile sector
  • Vast range of local suppliers and partners
  • Experience in exports and logistics to international markets
  • Internal sample development department


Avenida Joaquim Leite, 562
4765-689 Bairro – Vila Nova Famalicão - Portugal


Phone: +351 252 900 430
Mobile: +351 913 833 737